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It's official. The only thing worse than doing work, is filing it.



So as said in my last post I've just finished my book and now have naff all to read. Well, that's not entirely true. I mean the house is full of books, and I still have that list of stuff I haven't read...but I don't know they all just seem so....meh. And tbh, all I really want to read about it Henry and Di. Call me obsessed.

I have tons of work to do today an' all, well not tons, I have IT, drama and English. Joy! And the mother stole like half my bag of maltesers! Such woe is me!

Looks like I'll be sat in this chair for a while...

77 Days And Couting...

I bought The Luxe by Anna Godberson on Sunday, it was AMAZING. I litereally good not put it down, it was that good. The plotline was really interesting, the writing was wonderful, especially the descriptions and the characters...wow! I think Diana Holland was my favourite character over all, I just love her attitude towards everything, and all her funny quirks. She, by far, has the best chapters and the best plotline, and that's not only because it involves Henry Schoonmaker who is THE most charming and suductive character I've ever read, even more so than Jane Austen's Willoughby and can definately kick Edward Cullen's arse. He is BRILLIANT, and for some reason in my mind Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Ok so that was like a week ago, 'cause the internet decided to be a dick, and now I've finished Rumours so if you haven't read that you might want to look away....

Ok, I actually cannot believe that happened. I knew Elizabeth couldn't just walk off into the sunset with Will, but did that really mean he had to be killed? He could just be put in prison or something...and then face the death penalty...ok maybe not. Or her mother could just refuse to accept Elizabeth's feelings and then Will has to leave but Liz can't follow him. And hey, it's not like she could fake her death to go find him, is it??

And just in case Will's death wasn't depressing enough Henry has to go off and marry Penelope! Alright, yeah he did it to save Di or whatever, but it's not like Penelope's little miss perfect either. C'mon, he must have a TON of stuff on her I mean he was shagging her for months. I refuse to believe that there was no other way out of it, I mean he's Henry Schoonmaker for Christ's sake! Y'know, at the risk of quoting Down With Love he's ladies' man, man's man, man about town. He could have at LEAST told Di when he was at her house. I don't care whether that Snowden bloke was watching or not, surely Di's more important? Grr.

So the ending, made me want to curl up in a ball and cry. Oh Di! Not being able to express her emotions about Henry, and Elizabeth! Even though she's just lost her husband she still wants Di to be happy! I love you guys!!!

Oh, this book was just AMAZING. I'm not bragging about finishing it in three days, but I did that because I couldn't stop. Luckily I'm off school so I spent like ALL day on Tuesday reading it. And I can tell you, I was waiting for some Di/Henry action for like a week!

Cannot wait until I can get my hands on a copy of Envy which comes out over here on the 7th May I think. That's in 77 days in case you're wondering.

Go buy The Luxe and Rumours go buy them now.

Say what?

Watching Auf Wiedesen, Pet now seeing as my parents are from Preston and Darlington, and one of my good friends is from Manchester, you would have thought I'd understand what they were going on about, wouldn't you?

I Need A Hero....

A Disney one to be specific...

Eric and Ariel

Jim Hawkins


and Tulio


I have an eyelash stuck in my eye.

Well not actually in my eye.

On the skin bit where eyeliner goes, is that still technically in your eye?


I can't remove said eyelash without poking myself in the eye.

This isn't fun.

On the plus side Russell Howard Live came in the post ^_^

The New Cast of Mamma Mia

Because the mother made a comment about David Morrissey being in Mamma Mia and the idea kind of spun from there. So instead of Stellan, Colin and Pierce I give you the new cast of Mamma Mia

David Morrissey

because he was in Blackpool and kicked arse. And you know, it's David bloody Morrissey!

George Clooney

again, because it's George Clooney, and because of Brother Where Art Thou? Also, me and the mother have decided he should be on the £20 notes, Toby Stevens should be on a tenner.

and lastly Edward Norton

oh like you wouldn't want to see him singing?

And there you have it, the new cast of Mamma Mia now we just need a new Meryl, Julie, Christine, Dominic and Amanda...



A few memories from year 9

Year 9

Laughing and giggles, hugs and jokes

Ryan, and Tat and a million different blokes

Best friends, and no friends and fights, what fun

Lying on the front lawn all lunch in the sun


Teachers and textbooks and subjects you hate

So you just sit at the back, messing round with your mate

French Guy and Norwegians, always a lot of men

I’ll never think about Europe in the same way again


Spain, what a laugh! With Wally and Barry

But even they can’t compare to Retarded Harry

Egg head, and bed creaks, and all those power cuts

Dropping the ball, ‘cause we’re such big klutz


Cleaning the whiteboard every single day

Getting in a Robin Hood reference in another new way

Towers from rulers, and stories written on my skin

And that’s even not the most random it’s been.


Science buddies, English buddies, changing of clothes

Because let’s be honest, in English anything goes

Dying and bastards, girlfriends and bugs

Leaning over desks for extra special hugs


Parties in the form room, always a mess

Being kicked out ‘cause the teacher’s in a stress

Exiled to the canteen, bike sheds, lawn or L2

But there’s never an awful lot to do


Breaking the bench on photo day

Have to find another place to stay

Move into the canteen, grab a table

We’ll stay here for as long as we’re able


Human pac-man when there’s no one about

Finding Larry so Melms won’t have to shout

Record it on your phone, show everyone you know

To laugh and mock and the right freak show


Frank and Craig and Keith and Harry, our boys

Kissing and hiding, dancing and making a lot of noise!

Thrusting on tables, or lying under them with shrubbery

But if you ask me, the leaves were looking a bit rubbery


Got married to Ryan, we’ll last years

So throw some confetti, and grab a few beers

Tat as the priest, with the Bible on her head

Reading about why Joseph’s brothers wanted him dead


So this was year nine, the best year by half

Always something to do, always a new laugh

Three cheers for this year, and the friends I have made

They will always be the memories, so don’t be afraid.


Amy's 28 Sexiest Men Part IV

16. Eddie Redmayne

because I fell in love with Angel Clare.

17. Ralf Little

Jonny, Jonny, Jonny....

18. Richard Ayoade

because geeks are cool damn it!

19. Shia LaBeouf

Well I couldn't not have the bike, so I'll put another pic up lol one slightly more flattering

Isn't he amazing?

20. Edward Norton

I just love him

Amy's 28 Sexiest Men Part III

11. Paul Bettany

It's just his face really...

12. Keanu Reeves

Despite what Mr Moore thinks about his acting skills.

13. Alex Kapranos

Yeah....I know....but Franz Ferdinand!

14. Christian Bale

Well who wouldn't?

15. Toby Stephens

so while my dad was trying to keep up with the plot of Die Another Day me and my mum were just sat there thinking "He's got such a great face"